Who We Are


I’m Anna.

My husband and I spent our early young adult years experiencing the detrimental effects of this modern age. We quickly realized that the standard way of life nowadays was not ideal for our well-being.

In order to live a life that better supported our bodies and minds, we had to figure out a way to live outside the norm. Over the years we have slowly adjusted our lifestyle, and continue to learn more every day!

Why Redbud Haven?

We lived in a suburban neighborhood for a long time, and would dream of living somewhere without strict regulations on what you were allowed to do on your land.

When we would take walks around our neighborhood, we often stopped and stared at nearby redbud trees. We were in awe of their deep green, heart shaped foliage and bright pink blossoms.

Not too long ago, we finally made our dream move to the countryside. We found the property in the winter, so there were no leaves or anything blooming at the time. When spring came around, we realized that our home is surrounded by beautiful redbud trees! So we call this our redbud haven. A haven is a safe place, or a place of refuge.

There are certain choices we can all make to create our own haven in some way or another. It will be different for everyone!

We want to help others learn how to make improvements in their life by living more naturally, nourishing themselves more effectively, and finding ways to simplify and enhance the gift of life.

How Our Recipes are Different

You won’t find me cooking with seed oils, using white flour, highly processed sugar, or fake dairy products. I cook from scratch, the traditional way.

I use freshly ground ancient grains like einkorn and rye to bake with, and all of my baked goods are sourdough.

If I use whole grains or beans in a recipe, they are soaked and/or sprouted.

I cook with pasture raised butter, lard, tallow, and sometimes coconut oil.

I use natural sweeteners like raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, and sometimes raw cane sugar.

What Type of Diet Do Our Recipes Follow?

The recipes on this blog are those that make our family feel healthy and happy. We feel best on a traditional or ancestral diet, following wisdom from influences like Dr. Weston Price. For most meals, we eat more of an “animal based” diet, with most of our foods being pasture raised dairy, meats, poultry, organs, and organic produce. We focus on quality and nutrient density.

This way of eating, along with other lifestyle choices, has helped heal our bodies. We can now better enjoy God’s creation, living more effectively and with purpose for His glory!

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28