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Cottage Cheese Snack Ideas: Easy Ways to eat more Protein

Cottage Cheese Snack Ideas: Easy Ways to eat more Protein

One of my favorite ways to increase my protein intake is by enjoying a cottage cheese snack. Whether by swapping it out for cream cheese or including it in a recipe like cottage cheese pancakes, it is a great option when opting for a healthy food. 

What makes cottage cheese such a healthy snack?

I was having a hard time figuring out how to eat enough protein throughout the day, but then discovered that cottage cheese is a surprisingly good source of protein and healthy fats. Cottage cheese is also low carb and like other dairy products, is an excellent source of calcium as well as vitamin D and B vitamins. It has a mild flavor which makes it a great snack that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Just a half-cup of cottage cheese has a whopping 14 grams of protein …that’s almost as much as a quarter-pound of ground beef! Cottage cheese made with whole milk only has around 4.5 grams of fat per half of a cup, and low-fat cottage cheese has about 2.5 grams. 

It’s a great option for weight loss and a healthy way to include lots of nutrition with fewer calories than many other snacks.  

If you are not a fan of the taste of cottage cheese, there are multiple ideas in this list where it is mixed in a food processor with other ingredients so you won’t taste it. However, maybe you just haven’t had a high quality brand before! I wasn’t a fan of cottage cheese until I tried the brand ‘Good Culture’: this very creamy cottage cheese can be found at many grocery stores. While ideally all of the dairy in my diet would be homemade from raw milk, I like this brand because it is organic and pasture raised. Next time you are at the grocery store, maybe give it a try! 

So now that we’ve talked all about the reasons cottage cheese makes a great addition to your diet, let’s jump in to the snack ideas!

1. Pair it with fresh fruit

Sliced apples with cottage cheese

This is a perfect way to enjoy a quick snack that is healthy, full of vitamins and high in  antioxidants. Slice some apples or pears, grab a handful of fresh berries or grapes, or scoop cottage cheese onto a plate of sliced melons or pitted fruit. If you are having a fruit salad, here’s a little secret: add a squeeze of lime or lemon juice and a drizzle of honey to your fruit for a burst of flavor!

2. On the go? Pack it with some dried fruit

Sliced dates in cottage cheese

An easy, healthy and quick snack for a busy day is some dried fruit like dates or figs with cottage cheese.

3. Make a cottage cheese dip for your fresh veggies 

Sliced vegetables on black plate with cottage cheese

What is your favorite homemade dip? Ranch? Pimento cheese? Swap out ingredients like cream cheese or sour cream with cottage cheese, and blend it up in a food processor. You may not even notice the difference, or maybe you will like it even more! Switch out this ingredient in your meal prep for a simple way to turn everyday dips into healthy recipes.

4. Have it alongside fried bananas

Bananas frying in pan

I grew up loving fried plantains with sour cream. Sadly they were fried in unhealthy vegetable oil, and organic plantains are hard to come by. An alternative to this sweet snack is made with organic bananas sauteed in clarified butter (or ghee) and then dipped in creamy cottage cheese. This makes an excellent afternoon snack!

5. Enjoy it with whole wheat toast slices or sourdough flatbread

Toast slices dipped in cottage cheese

I don’t eat much hummus: I used to when I was vegan but now I limit my bean and seed/nut intake. When I want a slice of toast or flatbread for a quick snack, now I like to dip it in some cottage cheese with a drizzle of olive oil for some protein to go with my carbs. Try blending it smooth for a more cream cheese like texture, and adding some everything bagel seasoning!

Flatbread triangleles with cottage cheese

6.Start your day with cottage cheese breakfasts

Crepe on white plate with strawberry

One of my favorite things to fill my sourdough crepes with is cottage cheese and berries and a little maple syrup , topped with a sprinkle of sea salt. 

A great way to add protein to your pancakes is to swap out the milk or buttermilk with cottage cheese and a little water. Make sure to combine cottage cheese well into the pancake batter with a blender or food processor to break up the curds for a smooth texture. 

7. Dip your sweet potato fries in it

Sweet potato fries on blue plate

This would be a great option for low fat cottage cheese since fried are cooked in a lot of fat (I recommend cooking your sweet potato fries in coconut oil or grass fed tallow). My favorite way to enjoy sweet potato fries is with a creamy cilantro sauce. Blend cottage cheese with cilantro, lime juice, salt and chili powder. Yum!

8. Try a Cottage Cheese caprese Salad

Tomatoes, basil and olive oil

Cottage cheese is an excellent way to substitute mozzarella for a lower fat alternative in caprese salad. I can’t wait until tomato season to pair my cottage cheese with the summer flavors of homegrown tomatoes, fresh basil and freshly cracked black pepper. With a delicious side of salty Kalamata olives…this might be my new favorite snack!

9. Craving something salty and crunchy? Have it with some homemade refrigerator pickles

Pickles and cottage cheese

Refrigerator pickles are so easy to make and create a wonderful salty snack! They pair perfectly with cottage cheese.

10. Change up your salad

 Chicken salad sandwich

Make your chicken, egg or tuna salad recipe higher in protein and lower in fat by using cottage cheese instead of some or all of the mayonnaise. Blend in a blender with other the liquid ingredients (like mustard, etc.) before combining it with your meats and veggies. 

11. Cottage cheese ice cream??

Strawberry ice cream

Sounds weird? Well, blended cottage cheese tastes a lot like cream cheese. With cheesecake being one of my favorite desserts…yes please! Just blend it up with your other favorite ice cream ingredients and pour it into your ice cream maker. Then add your favorite toppings for a high protein dessert or snack. Blended cottage cheese goes well with many flavors, but to me strawberry flavor sounds like a tasty treat to start with!

12. Enjoy a healthier dinner


Switch out cottage cheese for ingredients like heavy cream or cream cheese in make dishes, like cottage cheese alfredo pasta. Blend it smooth and top your bowl of chilli with it. I personally prefer cottage cheese in my lasagna recipes instead of ricotta cheese. The dinner options are endless!

Are you convinced?

Cottage cheese makes a satisfying snack and is a delicious way to include a great source of protein in your daily meals and even desserts! Grab some pasture raised organic cottage cheese at the store or try making your own at home. Then, start including cottage cheese in your favorite snacks and recipes.

Let me know in the comments your favorite ways to enjoy cottage cheese!

*This is not medical advice

*None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA

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